RPG Maker 2 (PS2)

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This highly anticipated sequel to RPG MAKER for the PlayStation computer entertainment system was originally slated as a Q4 2002 release. After extensive research and tuning to the game engine software, it is finally nearing the final stages of completion. RPG MAKER 2 is not just a sequel, but also a revolutionary leap forward for the Agetec Designer Series of titles. Most notably, the game has moved into the 3D realm, and does so by harnessing the power of the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system.

Using the power of the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system to back this truly unique title, RPG MAKER 2 offers everything players could need to bring their own fantasy game worlds to life. Players can build original worlds from scratch using a variety of 3D tools that include: a character editor, map creation tools, visual FX editor, script editor, and monster animation. By providing fully rendered 3D models for all the characters, monsters, backgrounds, and items, RPG MAKER 2 lets the players have the freedom to write their own stories and use RPG MAKER 2 to make them come to life. No other title in the history of video games has ever provided this much incentive for gamers to use every ounce of their creativity! This is the closest most gamers will get to a full Development Kit for the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system in their lives.

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