Rultmoork RPG Box Set 5e

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The complete Rultmoork game, ready to play out of the box! (Interactive PDF included).

Rultmoork Hardcover
Flow Dice Set - 2 d20, d12, d10, d10s, d8, 4 d6, d4
Stagnation Dice Set - 2 d20, d12, d10, d10s, d8, 4 d6, d4
11 Flow Tokens
11 Stagnation Tokens
Cardboard Pawns for all encounters
Glossy cardstock player handouts for all riddles, puzzles, and roleplaying scenarios

Brave Rultmoork bring life back to the land! As Above, So Below. Deep in the Baevonian Mountains stands a monolithic spire of stone, peppered with ancient ruins, and mostly forgotten. The spire contains a temple complex rich in history and steeped in the mysteries of the past, untouched for a millennium, but it is not without its dangers, for ancient evil stagnates within. This is Rultmoork, where, according to legend, the very land died to the sound of a single falling tear.

Rultmoork is a deluxe adventure about duality. It is challenging, deadly, and intended for 4–6 characters of levels 5–7. The adventure marks Jonathan G. Nelson’s return to adventure writing after his critically acclaimed success Rise of the Drow: Collector’s Edition. Playstyles of ruin exploration, investigation, and dungeon delving. Wasteland Archaeology: Explore ancient ruins, marvel at murals, decipher a lost language, and piece together clues. Visions of the Past: Live through horrors of millennia past in a roleplaying-rich investigation. Challenging Dungeon: Test your mettle against an interactive and dynamic dungeon. New Mechanic: Flow / Stagnation! Two different modes for monsters and magic items. Hardcore Mode: Make a difficult adventure truly unforgiving and deadly. Brutal, unique monsters that require both brains & brawn to defeat. Three nightmarish bosses to challenge even the most experienced groups. Logical environments reward players for paying attention and engaging with the wonders of Rultmoork. Extensive guidelines and “At a Glance” sections to keep your game running smoothly. Player Handouts: Show what the heroes see, rather than just describing it.

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