Screams Among The Stars RPG

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Screams Amongst the Stars is a minimalist, classically-inspired RPG about weird space horror in the frontier of known space, where organizations with conflicting interest are colonizing and exploring alien worlds. These worlds, however, are not exactly empty.

Characters in this game are spacers, people who work in colonies, space stations or on spaceships doing all sorts of jobs. They can be explorers, freighters, scientists, miners, technicians or any other occupation that would put them in space. And in space, they will find disturbing things. These things can be flesh eating, chest busting aliens, for sure, but they can also be much weirder and terrifying things.

The game presents many different organizations, each with their own agenda and themes and a complete toolkit to generate planets, ruins, weird phenomena, impending dooms and much more.

The rules that power Screams Amongst The Stars were developed based on the amazing system created for Into the Odd.

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