Snow Bros Nick & Tom Special (SWI LR)

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Snow Bros. Nick & Tom Special is on a region-free physical cart for the Nintendo Switch.


  • 3 Sticker Sheets
  • Snow Bros. Nick & Tom Special Game Manual

Genre: Action, Platformer

# of Players: 1-2 Players

The peaceful Snow Land is under attack by King Artich who has cursed the twin princes by turning them into snowmen.  With their beloved princesses abducted and their homeland under attack, Nick and Tom must journey their way to save Puripuri and Puchipuchi, remove the curse, and restore their kingdom.

Up to two players will journey through the classic mode which will take you through dozens of stages full of puzzles, action, and vicious monsters to turn into snowballs and send them crashing!

A new mode has been created for this latest addition to the cult classic - Monster Challenge.  Here you take control over an enemy monster - each with its own moves and controls - which opens up a new way to experience the game!  

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