Solus: Lost

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You find yourself stranded in an unknown galaxy, with no clear path back home. To make matters worse, hostile ships patrol the space around you, and unknown hazards are a constant threat, making it dangerous to travel freely. But with perseverance and a little bit of luck, you can make your way through this perilous journey and find your way back home.

In Solus: Lost, you're forced to make difficult decisions and choose your path wisely. Every decision you make will have consequences, and every choice will determine your fate as you struggle to find your way home. The galaxy you're in is a vast and mysterious place filled with wonders and terrors beyond imagination. You'll encounter dangerous adversaries, ancient artifacts, and cosmic anomalies that defy comprehension. Each encounter could hold the key to your salvation, or lead you further into the abyss. Will you unravel the secrets of this enigmatic galaxy, or will you succumb to the chaos that surrounds you? In this game, you have two vital metrics to monitor: the damage to your ship and your pilot's age. During battles or specific scenarios, your ship may sustain damage, while your pilot's age will increase by increments of 10 years depending on certain situations. If either of these vital indicators reaches the ominous skull icon, you face defeat in the game.

To commence the game, start by shuffling your deck and placing two cards face down. From these two cards, you must select one to reveal and resolve its contents. Afterward, transfer that card to its corresponding discard pile and replace it with another face-down card. Repeat this process, making your choice once more. The card you unveil might present a variety of outcomes, ranging from benevolent beings capable of repairing your pilot's age to asteroid fields, hostile starfighters, or even the menacing time eater. Engaging in combat involves rolling a twenty-sided die (D20) and following the damage scale to determine whether you, or the enemy sustains damage, or whether you both receive damage.

Ages 14+
1 players
20-30 minute play time

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