Soulmist RPG Darklands Sourcebook 5e

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“Darklands” is a monster-filled supplement for the Soulmist campaign setting for the 5th Edition of the world’s most famous roleplaying game. Stare long enough into the absolute void of the Darklands, and eventually you will find something is staring right back at you.

Within the pages of “Tenebris Cordis”, a tome written by the brightest scholars of this age, you will find:

A horde of over 30 monsters and nightmares to face in your adventures, whether traversing the hellish landscapes of the Darklands themselves or you find yourself in the dark corners of any other setting.

The Ten Dark Saints, the main antagonists and villains in Soulmist, complete with their own backstory, motivations and artwork. Together with their dark crowns and the armies they have amassed, they are bound to prove worthy adversaries for any legendary adventurer.

New rules to aid both novice and veteran DMs into creating more memorable antagonists for their parties, such as with the use of the Nemesis system, which tries to build a more active and dramatic relationship between the party and the villains they face in their journeys.

Information on how to combine all of the above in order to craft darker and more intriguing stories in the “Soulmist” campaign setting, or even used interchangably in your own campaigns outside the world of Fyera.

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