Thats My Family Family Fun Night(SWI)

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Family Fun Night is the first game from the Thats My Family series with a combination of your best childhood boardgames and original ones! Play 14 different games from Small Horses, Snakes and Ladders, Chess or Reversi and much more. Fancy trying something else? Why dont you try our original games such as King of Sieges. Challenge your family and friend in local multiplayer or train yourselves against AI! Each game features unique setting inspired by History, Mythology, and Pop-Culture. Play your favorite boardgames such as the Greek Mythology Chess, beat your friends in Prehistoric 4 in a Row, destroy fantasy castles in Kings of the Sieges, explore the South American jungle in Snakes & Ladder and much more!

14 classic and modern games, 14 different universes

Challenge your family and friends: Play with up to 2 or 4 players in local multiplayer depending on the game you choose

6 different characters: Play a member of your new family, the Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad, Boy or the Girl. Everyone has a thematic skin for each mini games!

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