The Deck of Player Safety

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The Deck of Player Safety is a FAST and ANONYMOUS pre-game player safety tool designed for convention and organized play tabletop roleplaying games where you don't have time for a Session Zero.

With the explosive growth of tabletop gaming, the Deck of Player Safety (DOPS) was created to ensure all participants, whether they are good friends or complete strangers, have a fast and anonymous method to signal common, hot-button topics they want to exclude from their gaming experience. Implementing the Deck of Player Safety at the start of the game session helps head off difficult topics, and the consequences of them, BEFORE they happen. Most importantly, players do so without being in the spotlight, allowing everyone to relax and focus on fun at the table. Incorporating the Deck of Player Safety at your table demonstrates you respect your fellow gamers and want to avoid compromising anyone's comfort. It can also head off problems before they arise, allowing for a smoother session for the Game Master.

What is it?: The DOPS is a TTRPG player safety tool in the form of a casino-quality poker card deck of hot-button cards, along with several “Anything Goes” cards.

Where to use it?:  DOPS was designed specifically with in-person, convention and organized play in mind, particularly when the participants may be strangers.  Additionally, groups that game together regularly can use the DOPS during a Session Zero, or even before each gaming session.  Life happens and you never know when potential hot-buttons might change.

Who should use it?:  Anyone running a Tabletop Roll Playing Game (TTRPG) game should implement this player safety tool.

When to use it?:  The DOPS should be used at the start of any gaming session. This can head off difficult topics, or consequences of them, BEFORE they happen.

How long does it take?:  2-5 minutes.  The DOPS has been play-tested many times, both among regular gaming friends and complete strangers.  For a group of 4-5 players, the entire process takes between 2-5 minutes; two minutes for groups familiar with the process who don't require Player Instructions, and about 5 minutes for groups using the Deck of Player Safety for the first time.

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