The Lunar Dial

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Gather around the stars in this wickedly-cool, out-of-this-world asbstract strategy game brought to you by The Morbid Network! This lightweight strategy game is perfect for anyone fascinated by the stars, astrology, and the mystical arts.

Earn points by casting and collecting cards from your hand to alter the phases of the moon. The player with the most moonstones in their possession wins the game. At the end of each game, the zodiac cards on the board gives the players a group reading!

Features high-quality components and heavyweight cards including 1 Fabric Game Mat, 1 Lunar Dial, 12 Moonstones, 52 Moon Cards, 4 Quick-Guide Cards, 12 Zodiac Cards, and Complete Instructions.

The moon and stars hold the power in this lightweight strategy game brings a celestial experience of casting cards and collecting full moons.

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