Time Crisis 3 (PS2)

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Time Crisis 3 delivers intense, fast-paced shooting action through the high stakes adventures of the world-renowned VSSE’s top agents. In this installment of the franchise, players take to the Mediterranean coastal nation of Lukano, where Zagorias Federation troops have invaded the land and taken key members of the Lukano Liberation Force hostage. With local residents and neighboring countries facing the worst from a potential missile strike, the VSSE commits its most highly skilled operatives, Wesley Lambert and Alan Dunaway, to neutralize threatening forces and return power to the leaders and citizens of Lukano. Featuring an all-new Weapon Select System, Time Crisis 3 enables players to choose from four weapons on the fly to optimize their gameplay strategy. The Guncon 2 serves as an essential piece of equipment in the player’s arsenal. In addition, Time Crisis 3 includes the original arcade game and console exclusive features, including a more complex storyline, multiple game play modes, sniper combat, and a new playable character.

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