Toploader Binder Black

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The Game Changer Toploader Binder for Dedicated Card Collectors

Capture your favorite cards in this Shield+ toploader binder! Designed with collectors in mind, this binder is equipped with exceptional features to protect, store, organize and display your valuable trading card collections in a stylish way. It’s the perfect accessory to showcase your rare and most prized cards in a whole new level!

Never flip through piles of cards and lose your place again! Thanks to this top loader binder for cards, you’re never more than a flick of the finger away from any card in your deck. It allows you to easily track and browse all your collectibles at once no matter how many you have, so you can enjoy them at your leisure.

Binder: 16” x 13”
Sleeve/Page: 13.3” x 10.8”
Inner Pocket: 4.3” x 3.4”

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