Total Domination

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You shall fight in the fields and in the streets, you shall fight on the seas and oceans, you shall fight in the air, whatever the cost may be. You shall harness your industries to craft new technologies superior to that of the enemy. You shall make alliances with the neutral nations. You shall form the partisan forces to fight in the occupied lands. You shall attempt to soar to the edge of the atmosphere, and build the biggest bomb the world has ever seen. You shall never surrender! And in Total Domination, you shall do it all in just 90 minutes!

Total Domination is a sweeping and innovative strategic card-driven area-control game for 1 to 4 players simulating World War II. Recreate history, or make your own and unique way to victory as either the Allies or the Axis. Win through tense combat, lightning-quick conquest, diplomacy with the neutral countries, and the ingenuity of your top scientists – all on a gorgeous double-sided game board.


  • easy to learn and quick to play
  • innovative blend of mechanics
  • asymmetrical and highly thematic 

PLAY TIME 90 min

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