Trickerion Legends of Illusion

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In Trickerion, players are rival stage illusionists facing off in a grand competition for fame and fortune hosted by Dahlgaard the Magnificent, the patron of Magoria. They will assemble a team of apprentices and specialists, learn intricate magic tricks, acquire necessary trick components, and schedule their tricks in the Theater to create breathtaking performances at the end of each week, represented by one game round. The competition ends after seven weeks, and only the most famous magician can win Dahlgaard’s heritage: the mysterious and powerful Trickerion Stone.

Ages 15+
2-4 Players
60-120 Minute Playtime

4 Player Game Boards
12 Specialist Board Extensions
32 Wooden Character Disks (8 In Each Player’s Colors)
8 Player Markers
6 Downtown Dice
48 Trick Cards (4+4+4 In Each Category)
40 Permanent Assignment Cards (10 For Each Player)
48 Special Assignment Cards (12 For Each Location)
90 Power Cards (30 In Each Color)
40 Performance Cards
8 Magician Cards (Double-sided)
8 Magician Poster Cards
12 Turn Setup Cards
64 Trick Markers
16 Symbol Markers
96 Components (40 Basic, 32 Advanced, 24 Superior)
28 1 Coin Tokens
16 5 Coin Tokens
27 Prophecy Tokens
50 Trickerion Shards
1 Trickerion Stone Turn Marker
4 Magician Workbook
1 Rulebook
Main Game Board

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