Unlock! Kids Stories from the Past

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Available Dec 1, 2023

Dive back into the family-friendly, mind-tingling puzzles of Unlock! Kids. Featuring 6 new adventures in 3 different universes, Unlock! Kids Stories from the Past will have families testing their wits in these 2 new settings:

Strolls through prehistory
The secrets of Hatsheput, Queen of Egypt
Welcome to Golden Town!

Unlock! Kids is designed for children 6-10 years of age and requires no app and no rules to read, you’ll learn as you play!

1-4 players
Ages 6+
20 minute play time

1 Rulebook
11 tutorial cards
Cards for 6 adventures across 3 stories
Cardboard tokens
Starting specials components
1 Hints and solutions booklet

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