Virche Evermore ErroR: Salvation (SWI)

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Unlock the arcane mysteries of death Arpйchйle is a small country in western Europe. Surrounded by the sea and black flowers of misfortune called Licorise Nowar-gue, humans in this country are born with a “death curse” that leads to death by age 23. The people of the country lament and oppose their short-lived fates. And after many years of research, a system was created— a “memory download” system where the body that dies by age 23 is discarded, and only the memories live on.

Meanwhile, there was a girl known as the “God of Death,” as everyone she was involved with ended up unhappy. Just as she is about to end her life in regret, a mysterious man who calls himself the “Watchman of Death” appears before her. Under the watchman’s guidance, the girl will approach the truth of the “various mysteries of death” that haunts this country, whether she likes it or not… Without knowing that despair is the fate that awaits those possessed by the god of death.

  • Not your typical otome – this is a dark fantasy with themes of despair and salvation since most characters are doomed to die by age 23.
  • From the same story writer as Cafй Enchante with artwork by Yomi.
  • Opening and Ending themes from the artist LOVERIN TAMBURIN, with background music by Jun Ichikawa.

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