We Love Katamari Reroll Royal Reverie (SWI)

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Keep it rolling! The quirky and groundbreaking game is back with new features for all to enjoy. A faithful reproduction of the original work released in 2005, with a modern touch!

5 NEW STAGES STARRING A YOUNG KING OF ALL COSMOS - Enjoy all-new stages and collectibles inspired by the first interlude movie of the main game that shows the King as a child

TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR ADVENTURE IN SELFIE MODE - Take photos and decorate them; Use the photo rally feature to take pictures and collect stickers of Namco characters; Filling your photo rally sheet lets you unlock new frames and filters

PLAY AS LONG AS YOU WANT WITH NO LIMITATIONS - This remaster comes with an Eternal Mode for those that want to play with no time limit; Keep it rolling for as long as you want

QUALITY OF LIFE IMPROVEMENTS - Favorite your favorite musical tracks, better locate target objects that help find barricades and goal objects, easily find stages to play with the Find a Fan shortcut, and enjoy on a wider pool of gaming platforms

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