Whispers in the Walls RPG

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“If the walls could talk,” they always said. But you know better. In the late hours, during the absolute darkness, the walls will open their maws and whisper their secrets, shared through cries and wails and mimicry of the horrors within. You’re a private investigator with the unique talent of teasing out their mysteries and piecing together their meanings.

Turn the lights off, light the candles, put on music, and pull out your trusty notebook and pen.

This is a solo journaling RPG about the knowledge of the walls. You play it by yourself in the dark.

As you draw cards, you’ll be directed to prompts to write as the P.I. trying to solve a mystery. Throughout the game, you’ll draw cards from your constructed Whispers Deck to learn what the walls, ceiling and floors are telling or showing you, keep notes on what you think it all means and ultimately conclude the truth.

A session takes between 15 and 60 minutes and is highly repayable. Each session is unique.

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