World Quiz (SWI)

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World Quiz is a quiz game that will help you learn about geography, foods of the world, flags, literature, history, inventions, music, general knowledge, sports and many more categorise, in an easy and enjoyable way.


Over 5,000 questions split into 24 categories to really test people's knowledge of the world.

Three levels of difficulty to make it playable for the whole family.

Over 190 different countries featured.


Cities (London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Florence, New York, Prague, Kiev, Bratislava, Lisbon, Vienna, Budapest, Brussel, Warsaw, Tokyo, Ankara, Moscow...)

Historical monuments (Big Ben Tower, Pisa Tower, Berlin Cathedral, Hagia Sofia, Red Square, Statue of Liberty, Colosseum, Pyramids of Giza...)

Unique constructions (Tower Bridge, Tokyo Tower, Golden Gate, Eiffel Tower...)

Food/Drink (Tiramisu, Bryndzov Haluky (Potato dumplings_, Christmas Pudding, Mojito, Apple Strudel, Stroopwafel, Feta cheese, Sake...)

Natural beauties (Loch Ness, Mont Blanc, Mount Olympus, Grand Canyon, Glass Beach...)

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