World Wonders

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The greatest leaders from the ancient world are ready to pay all the gold they had to built the most glorious city of all times.

It’s your duty choose wisely what constructions and wonderful monuments fits better in your map. This will increase your resource production and attract many people, what will make your population grow. But, look carefully at your opponent’s plans: perhaps they are wanting the same builds you are.

In the end, the one who has more victory rings will be declared the winner and the builder of the biggest city of the Antiquity!

Ages 14+
1-5 players
70 minute play time

1 Rulebook
1 Main Board
5 Resource Boards
3 Player Aid Boards
5 Map Boards
21 Wooden Monuments
10 Wooden Towers
25 Wooden Resource Markers
5 Wooden Player Markers
2 Wooden Turn Order Pedestals
21 Monument Cards
14 Solo Play Cards
80 Building Tiles
5 Loan Tiles
35 Long Road Tiles
20 Sets of Short Road Tiles

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