Xenosaga Episode III (PS2)

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Xenosaga EPISODE III: Also sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spoke Zarathustra) - A year has passed since Xenosaga II, Shion has resigned her post at Vector Industries after realizing that the company is deeply connected to the cause of the Gnosis phenomenon. She has thus joined Scientia, an underground organization, in order to unveil Vector's true objectives. The development of KOS-MOS is to be cancelled, and a mysterious android, T-elos appears to be taking KOS-MOS' place. Shadows of suspicion and conspiracy surround T-elos. Uncover the future of mankind in this much-anticipated conclusion to the Xenosaga trilogy. An In-Game Database is Your Veritable Xeno Bible - An easily accessible database of every detail such as important events, people, items, keywords, locations, weapons, back-story, phenomenon, townspeople, associations and companies Challenge Yourself and Friends with new Mini-games - With 60 pre-made levels to complete, the Xenosaga puzzle mini-games add a new type of challenge for the player, and rewards his performance. The mini-game map editor also lets players create, play and share their own custom maps with friends

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